Davidstow wild garlic frittata


A true taste of spring that makes the perfect light lunch. Cooked with mature aged 12-month-old Davidstow cheddar this frittata works really well with grassy flavoured asparagus, pungent wild garlic and earthy new potatoes. Serve with a colourful side salad and some pink onions for an acidic note to cut through our creamy cheese omelette.


•    4 large eggs

•    2 spears of asparagus, sliced

•    2 new potatoes, thinly sliced

•    2 spring onions, finely sliced

•    1 handful of wild garlic, roughly chopped

•    100g Davidstow Classic cheddar, grated

•    25g butter

For the side salad:
•    1 chicory

•    1 blood orange, peeled and sliced

•    handful of rocket

•    1 tbsp pink pickled onions


1.         Start by preheating your grill and then make your frittata mix. In a large bowl beat your eggs and mix in your vegetables, wild garlic and half the grated cheese.

2.        In a frying pan melt your butter and add your cheesy egg mixture. Then stir a few times and allow to settle in the pan.

3.        Cook on a high heat for 3-4 mins then top with remaining grated cheese. Next transfer the pan under your grill.

4.        Cook until the cheese is golden and bubbling.

5.        Serve the frittata with salad and a pinch of chopped wild garlic leaves to garnish.

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