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Our Matured Cheddars

We offer a range of cheddar maturities, from 12 to 60 months, each following our unique Davidstow recipe.

Taste Takes Time

Davidstow is the only supermarket brand to stipulate the age of maturity on pack, so you can be confident you’re always getting the same consistently great-tasting cheddar cheese.

<span>12 Month Matured</span>

Classic 12 Month Matured

Balanced, rich and long-lasting flavour. A special cheese to be enjoyed every day.

<span>18 Month Matured</span>

Crackler 18 Month Matured

Intense yet pleasantly sweet, with concentrated bursts of flavour.

<span>36 Month Matured</span>

Reserve 36 Month Matured

Intensely rich, complex, caramel-like flavour with a crunchy texture.

Special Reserve
<span>60 Month Matured</span>

Special Reserve 60 Month Matured

Unparalleled flavour, tempered by silky creamy notes, a truly unique experience.

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