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At Davidstow we believe that the best things in life are never rushed.

Taste Takes Time


Classic 12 Month Matured

Balanced, rich and long-lasting flavour. A special cheese to be enjoyed every day.


Crackler 18 Month Matured

Intense yet pleasantly sweet, with concentrated bursts of flavour.


Reserve 36 Month Matured

Intensely rich, complex, caramel-like flavour with a crunchy texture.

Special Reserve

Special Reserve 60 Month Matured

Unparalleled flavour, tempered by silky creamy notes, a truly unique experience.

Featured Recipe

Davidstow cheddar & apple tart

This is an ideal way to serve our Davidstow Crackler, for a recipe that is quick and easy to make. An open tray bake with extra mature cheddar providing the savoury profile to work with sweet apple, subtle metallic notes from watercress and earthy walnut

Davidstow cheddar & apple tart