Davidstow has been supporting rural and farming communities through its partnership with The Prince’s Countryside Fund since 2011. Since then, the Fund has been able to support over 700 farming families across the UK through The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme, and hundreds of rural communities through their grants programme. A large number of these farmers and communities have been in Davidstow’s home county of Cornwall.

About The Prince’s Countryside Fund

The Prince’s Countryside Fund believes in confident, robust and sustainable agricultural and rural communities which are universally appreciated for their vital contribution to the British way of life, and that are fit to support future generations. The Fund’s charitable activities extend across the UK and include giving grants to community projects, supporting farming families through a business skills programme, commissioning research and providing financial support during rural emergencies.

Our Partnership

The Prince’s Countryside Fund has delivered their flagship initiative, The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme, in three Cornish locations since 2015, supporting more than 60 farming families. The Programme offers free business skills training to family dairy and livestock farms across the UK in the form of seven workshops. These sessions focus on different business skills to maximise profitability and resilience. Topics include business planning, understanding accounts and budgeting, exploring new opportunities for farms, and maximising on farm environmental assets.

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