Davidstow rosemary & cheese scones


Our Davidstow twist on a classic cream tea. This West Country favourite has real depth of flavour from Crackler grated into the cheesy scones, with lemon and rosemary. They are yummy with an extra slice of cheese and generous dollop of red onion chutney

Makes: 12

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Skill level: Medium


•    400g Self Raising Flour

•    225g Davidstow 18month Cheddar

•    10g Fresh Rosemary

•    2 Egg (1 for egg wash)

•    2 Lemons, just zest.

•    125ml Milk

•    1 tsp Salt

•    1 Tsp Pepper

•    100g Salted Butter Cold


1.         Use your hands to break up the cold butter into the flour and mix with your fingertips until it’s a consistent texture, a light golden colour.

2.        Add in the grated cheese and stir so it’s an even mix. Add the rosemary, finely sliced and the lemon zest.

3.         Mix the egg in with the milk and add the seasoning into the wet mix.

4.        Mix the wet and dry ingredients slowly bit by bit until it forms a lovely dough.

5.        Place the dough on a flat and lightly floured surface and form into a flat (3-4cm high) area. Use a cutter to cut into even sized scones. (This mix makes around 12 medium scones)

6.        Brush with egg wash Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for 20 mins or until risen and golden.

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